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Here you will find definitions of words and concepts used by Fortnite players.
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¿ Que es ... ?

AIM    is the ability or dexterity that a player possesses to quickly aim at targets. In the case of experienced players, this is a fraction of a second in which they detect the "threat", point instinctively and shoot.

AIMBOT    computer programs to cheat and help point the player in a video game. Normally they are not allowed and are penalized by the companies that own these games.

AR    assault Rifle.

Double shotgun    technique of shooting with a shotgun and quickly changing to another to execute a second shot. In this way they are performed much faster than if you wait until the first shotgun is available again to shoot. This technique is currently not possible anymore, since when firing and changing the weapon (if both are shotguns) it has a waiting time (represented by a load circle or wait).

Hacks    computer programs designed to make "traps" in video games. How to aim faster (AIMBOT), see through the walls, etc ...

Hacker    this word has other meanings accepted worldwide, but in the scope of the Fortnite, it is used to define a player who uses Hacks.

Head Shot    make a shot to the head of another enemy player. In Fortnite when you make a shot at the head of an opponent, a sound sounds like a coin falling to the ground.

K/D    it is the division of the murders between the times a player has died. Example: if you have killed 15 players in 3 games (in which you have finally died), you have a K / D of 3.

Minis    name that is given to the small shields, which grant 25 shield points.

PAM | PUMP    Pump shotgun.

SCRIM    they are private games between players or teams (professional or not) non-competitive, that is, they are not tournaments and are not taken into account for their professional career or personal statistics.

Skin    costumes for game characters.

SMG    SubMachine Gun.

Tomy    it is known by this name Thompson submachine gun (currently not available in Fortnite BR).

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